• Promote the healthy development of school-aged youth and prevent violence.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive plan of culturally competent and developmentally appropriate, evidence-based school and community based Mental Health Services.

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) School staff and Community

  • Teen Mental Health First Aid (TMHFA) Teens 15-18 years of age

  • Questions, Persuade and Refer (QPR) School Staff and Community Goals


  • Increase awareness of Mental Health (MH) concerns among school-aged youth.

  • Provide training for school personnel and other adults who interact with school-aged youth to detect and respond to MH concerns

  • Connect school-aged youth who may have MH concerns to needed services.

  • Develop the infrastructure to sustain MH services & supports for school-aged youth after funding ends.

  • Utilize program evaluation to ensure continuous quality improvement.


Program Manager

Jackie Muncy




  • Assess district needs and develop behavioral health and wellness programs to meet those needs.

  • Actively seek funding sources to maintain the necessary services to meet students needs.

  • Ensure all district, state, and federal reporting deadlines are met to reflect the accomplishments of the services.

  • Works with participants and families to help identify needs and personal goals as needed.



Anne Lear




  • Provide direct therapeutic support to students and families in order to address mental health needs and improve both mental health and educational outcomes.

  • Meet with students regularly to provide counseling and treatment.
    Meet with students regularly to provide counseling and treatment.

  • Involve and advises family members when appropriate.

  • Work with SCSD Administration and Project AWARE manager to build policy and procedure to support trauma-focused therapy provision to students.

Danielle Gordon

Peer Wellness Navigator

Danielle Gordon




  • Work with participants and families to help identify needs and personal goals.

  • Assist in coordinating and connecting the participant and their family to resources in the community and work with them to create a step-by-step plans to solve problems and meet personal goals.

  • Check in with participants frequently and take them step-by-step through different agency applications and processes.

  • Advocate for program participants so that they are empowered to advocate for themselves in the future.

Areas of Assistance

Housing, Food Insecurity, Social Security, TANF, Employment, and Health

Referral Process

  • Referral can come from School Social Worker, Self-Referrals, Parents, Grandparents/Caregivers (Legal Guardian)

  • Once referral form is received you will receive a phone call to schedule appointment with either Clinician or Navigator. (This depends on level of care that is needed. )

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