SCS Parents Page

Online Registration

New and Transferring Students

Start registration here if your child is PreK or Kinder enrolling for the first time, or if you are transferring from:

  • Out of state

  • A private or BIE school within New Mexico

  • Another public district or state charter within New Mexico

  • Homeschool

  • Previous disenrollment

Step 1 - Fill out the Powerschool Pre-Registration form here {this begins the process; it does NOT guarantee you will be enrolled in the specified school}

Step 2 - You will receive an email from the school confirming your child's registration. The email will contain directions for completing online registration

If you have any questions, you can contact any school directly.

Returning to the District

Use these directions if you are already enrolled in the district and confirming information for the next school year. Do NOT use these steps if you transferred out of SCSD, even if you did not enroll anywhere else.

Step 1 - Sign into your Powerschool Parent Portal

Click here to create a Powerschool Parent Portal account if you do not have one. It will ask for student access information; you can still create the account if you do not know it. Contact your school directly to be associated with your student.

Step 2 - Access Forms from the left navigation menu.

Parent Portal navigation menu

Step 3 - Complete the forms as shown below.