Online Registration

Students who are new to the District

{Do NOT use if you are transferring from one SCSD school to another}


To begin the process of registering in Socorro Consolidated Schools, please fill out the Pre-Registration form here. Please Note:

  • This will begin the registration process, you will need to finish the registration with the appropriate school.

  • Some schools are limited based on waiting lists or geographical location. Be advised that you may not be registered in the school you select.

  • If you do not have a parent account for Powerschool, go to to create one.

Currently Enrolled Students

{Do NOT use if you were enrolled in SCSD in the past but are transferring from another district}

{If you intend to transfer to Midway or San Antonio Elementary Schools, or Cottonwood Valley Chart School, you must first receive approval from the schools' administrator. Do Not submit a returning student form if you have not been approved for a transfer. Contact the school or central office if you have questions.}


Registrations are updated online within the Powerschool Parent Portal.

  • If you have a parent account, log into and click Forms on the left hand navigation.

    • If you have a parent account but not all of your children are shown, contact your school about adding them to your account.

  • If you do NOT have a parent account, log into to create one..

    • Then contact your child's school about adding them to your account.