Science tutoring is available from 10:30 - 2:00 Friday, Jan. 15 at meet.google.com/lookup/b7afwtt2cx?authuser=0&hs=179

ELA tutoring is available from 1:00 to 3:30 Friday, Jan. 15 at meet.google.com/lookup/bjdlhzt2b7?authuser=0&hs=179

Student Supplies

Notebook paper, Pens, Highlighters, Pencils, Earbuds/headphones, sticky notes, binder or other folder to organize notes, colored pencils, 2 dedicated composition notebooks for math, additional composition notebooks, ruler, scissors, colored paper or construction paper

Students taking MESA will need a dedicated composition notebook

Students taking art will need drawing paper (notebook or pad), eraser, pencils

Students taking Band will need their own instrument as none will be available for check out.

Please contact your student's Advisory teacher (2nd period) for help with Google Classroom. Use the link above for all other technology issues.

These are the 6 tips offered by Guy Gunther, the senior director of fiber networks at CenturyLink:

1. Inventory: Check all the devices connected in your home. Remove any devices not in use.

2. Disconnect Streaming Platforms: Streaming services can eat up bandwidth while refreshing.

3. Set Up Shifts : Family members can use the WiFi when they need it most.

4. Disconnect Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): Gunther explained a VPN is required when getting behind a firewall/security system online. He said if you need to use a VPN, get the info and then disconnect. Gunther said a VPN can cut your bandwidth by half.

5. Place Your Modem in the Right Spot: A thick wall, refrigerator, or microwave could cause interference. Gunther said to keep your device as close to the modem as possible, or buy a cable from an electronics store to connect it to a desktop.

6. Check Package Prices Online: Gunther said some internet packages have been reduced in price, so families could probably get faster speed for the same amount they’re paying now.

Virtual Open House Presentation - SMS Mission Statement

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Holly Mayfield

Vice Principal

Jill Madrid

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Please call if your student needs to borrow a laptop. Families will need to schedule a time for the student to receive the device.

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